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The TACTIC: Don't give salespeople answers.  Showing someone how to solve a problem is infinitely better than solving the problem for her.

Here, then, are four best practices you should consider now for getting the right people into the right seats in 2019 … the people who are the very best fit for your business.

"Is there a better time of the year to buy a Sandler franchise? Does it matter what the economy looks like? When is a good time to purchase a Sandler Franchise?”

The TACTIC: Respect the prospect's world.  You don’t have to live in the prospect’s world to do business; you just need to let the prospect know that you respect his world.

The TACTIC: Treat salespeople like customers.  The way you treat salespeople is exactly the way they will treat their prospects and customers. If you want to have your salespeople treat their prospects and customers differently, then what do you have to do?

The TACTIC: Understand the process of failure and let it work.  If you have failed, and then learned why you failed, you are 99% closer to increased success.

The TACTIC: Don't go through the motions.  A sales manager gets exactly the type of salespeople he earns.

The TACTIC: Buyers buy from themselves.  Why not make it comfortable for your prospects to be with you? Enable them to have a really good conversation and thus you’ll be thought of as someone who really deserves the order.