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At many of the organizations we work with, the size of the average sales team has increased over the past decade. Given that there are a limited number of working hours, and given that sales leaders now find themselves responsible for supervising, training, mentoring, and coaching larger teams, what best practices should they embrace when it comes to time management? Here are three to consider. 

The TACTIC: It's not the good old days anymore. How you prospect depends on your customer’s “time to buy again” cycle. Know it. Work with it. Be successful. Ignore it, fail.

Let’s state the obvious here: Your customer is your business and customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of your business.So how are you measuring customer satisfaction? If you’re like most businesses, you’re using customer feedback surveys. (And if you’re not, you should get on board.)

The TACTIC: Never ask way. Always ask what.  The answers to “what” questions are steps that can be taken. The answers to “why” questions are rationalizations. Which one moves you toward managing salespeople?

The TACTIC: Always. Never. Everyone.  Absolutes tend to have more exceptions than Swiss cheese has holes. Don’t accept them.

The TACTIC: Are you saying...?  To really understand what someone means, not what you hope he means, ask for clarification.

Three Ways to Use Technology to Support Your Sales Process.jpeg

This is a truly amazing period of history for sales professionals. The information tools that help us to identify, connect with, and sustain ongoing relationships with buyers are more powerful than ever, and they allow us to do things few could have imagined just a few years ago. But there's a challenge we all face: We mustn't let the extraordinary technology we now have blind us to the importance of having a clear sales process.

The TACTIC: The problem lies within, not without.  You need strong individuals, not a herd of sheep.

The TACTIC: Why did you circle YES? Force the prospect to start working with you by circling YES.