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The TACTIC: Hear the prospect's music. Some prospects hear their world, and if you don’t make music to their ears, not only will they turn the volume down, they’ll even shut you off.

The TACTIC: You don't have salespeople.  A salesperson’s picture of himself will match his sales. To change his sales, help him compose a new picture..

The TACTIC: See the prospect's picture. Some prospects process their world in visual images and if you want them to buy from you, you had best get into focus and be part of the big picture.

The TACTIC: You don't manage salespeople. You don’t manage salespeople; you manage individuals, and with each individual, the most you can ever manage is the individual’s behavior.

The TACTIC: Define prospecting – then do it!  Most of us are absolutely convinced that everything we say is crystal clear and that no one could ever misunderstand a single world—now did you read that as “word” or “world?”

Here are four ways salespeople can improve upon their interpersonal skills and become more confident when dealing with prospects.

Regardless of the economic conditions, what’s going on in wall street, the weather, what time of the year it is, there always going to be companies and individuals that are looking for help in sales training and sales management training and customer service. 

The TACTIC: Define prospecting – then do it!  Everyone knows exactly what prospecting means, right? Everyone will have the same answer, right?

The TACTIC: Get out of the way of the sale. A prospect buys because she is allowed to discover that your product fills a need. You should not stand in the way of this process, you should help it along.