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The TACTIC: What you know can hurt you, so dummy up! The most successful salesperson is an educated dummy.

The TACTIC: Don't commiserate. You are there to manage your own behavior and help your salespeople manage their behavior. Commiseration only leads to misery.

The TACTIC: People do not buy features and benefits, they buy ways to avoid or overcome pain. People in pain resent people who cannot take the pain away. You sell pain relief.

The TACTIC: No money - no sale. Not everyone can afford what you sell. Find out if they can before you waste their time and yours.

The TACTIC: The "Send me some literature" brush-off. “Send me some literature” is the same thing as “I already gave at the office.”

The TACTIC: No mutual mystification!  If you think you know what someone said, you don’t know until you ask him.

The TACTIC: Have prospects close themselves.  Prospects want to buy; otherwise they would not be talking to you.

The TACTIC: Statements are NOT questions. Don't answer them.  Statements do not require answers. If you want to know why a statement was made, ask the prospect a question.

The TACTIC: Answer every question with a question, but soften it first.  You cannot read minds. Unless you reverse the question, you have absolutely no idea why it is being asked. Knowing why the question was asked will ultimately help you sell more efficiently.

The TACTIC: Understand the process of failure and let it work.  If you have failed, and then learned why you failed, you are 99% closer to increased success.