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The TACTIC: You start. While you probably can’t solve someone else’s problems, you can help her define them, which is the first step to solving them.

The TACTIC: There are no bad prospects—only bad salespeople. How you view your prospects determines precisely how much money you will make.

The TACTIC: Succeeding today isn't enough. If you don’t know where you want to be, then you don’t care where you are headed.

The TACTIC:  Work the referral factory.  Telling someone “thank you” is not only civilized, it just might make you some more money.

The TACTIC:  New contact? It's a new prospect.  A new prospect/contact may buy more than the previous contact. Find the new pain.

The TACTIC: Adapt or go out of business.  Customers are yours for your lifetime if you can adapt to taking the long view.

The TACTIC: Listen to me, please!  Put yourself in the prospect’s place to really know how well your salesperson communicates.

The TACTIC: Can we agree to ask questions? The only way to find out what the prospect or the customer needs is by asking questions.

The TACTIC: Know your problem. Make sure that the problem you need to solve is your problem and not a problem someone else needs to solve.

The TACTIC: Never manage your numbers, manage your behavior. Since your sales volume is based on how you behave, manage your behavior instead of wasting time trying to manage anyone else’s behavior.