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The TACTIC: How do you suggest we do that? Fighting hostility does nothing to increase sales.

The TACTIC: Know who your clients are. Customers, if given the choice between buying from a stranger or buying from someone they know, will always buy from someone they know.

The TACTIC: Will do it. Not could do it. Substitute “I will do it” for “I could do it” and see yourself in a whole new light.

The TACTIC: Only give a presentation to confirm an order. People in pain want relief; don’t get in their way of getting relief.

The TACTIC: Reachable & believable goals. If you always focus on how far you have yet to go, it will always belittle how far you have come.

The TACTIC: Every day should not be new.  One advantage of remembering the past is that you are not condemned to repeat it—unless it is to your benefit and you choose to.

The TACTIC: We did that...once. If babies treated learning to walk the way some companies treat “we did that once” situations, all of us would still be crawling around on our bellies.

The TACTIC: Does this make sense to you? To do better, you have to change how you work instead of just doing the same thing you currently do for longer periods of time.

The TACTIC: You don't know me, do you want to?