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Bonding and Rapport

The TACTIC: You don't know me, do you want to?  If you sound like the run-of-the-mill salesperson, you’ll be treated like the run-of-the-mill salesperson. Is this what you want?

The TACTIC: Always. Never. Everyone.  Absolutes tend to have more exceptions than Swiss cheese has holes. Don’t accept them.

The TACTIC: Listen to me, please!  Put yourself in the prospect’s place to really know how well your salesperson communicates.

The TACTIC: Respect the prospect's world.  You don’t have to live in the prospect’s world to do business; you just need to let the prospect know that you respect his world.

The TACTIC: Buyers buy from themselves.  Why not make it comfortable for your prospects to be with you? Enable them to have a really good conversation and thus you’ll be thought of as someone who really deserves the order.

The TACTIC: Feel the prospect's emotion. Some people may need to feel that buying from you feels right. Make sure that you let them.

The TACTIC: Hear the prospect's music. Some prospects hear their world, and if you don’t make music to their ears, not only will they turn the volume down, they’ll even shut you off.

The TACTIC: See the prospect's picture. Some prospects process their world in visual images and if you want them to buy from you, you had best get into focus and be part of the big picture.

The TACTIC: Define prospecting – then do it!  Most of us are absolutely convinced that everything we say is crystal clear and that no one could ever misunderstand a single world—now did you read that as “word” or “world?”

The TACTIC: Learning to listen. Learning to listen to what others are saying is the first step in managing their behavior.