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Management & Leadership

The TACTIC: Know your problem. Make sure that the problem you need to solve is your problem and not a problem someone else needs to solve.

The TACTIC: Lead them back from the future. Teaching someone how to alter her future behavior is more productive than passing judgment on her past behavior.

The TACTIC: Don't give salespeople answers.  Showing someone how to solve a problem is infinitely better than solving the problem for her.

Here, then, are four best practices you should consider now for getting the right people into the right seats in 2019 … the people who are the very best fit for your business.

The TACTIC: Treat salespeople like customers.  The way you treat salespeople is exactly the way they will treat their prospects and customers. If you want to have your salespeople treat their prospects and customers differently, then what do you have to do?

The TACTIC: Don't go through the motions.  A sales manager gets exactly the type of salespeople he earns.

With Q4 upon us, it makes sense to start thinking carefully about what has worked – and what could be improved – in your prospecting plan this year. 

There are at least two scenarios under which you could imagine you’ve fulfilled that goal … and still end up letting down both the team and the organization!

The TACTIC: You don't have salespeople.  A salesperson’s picture of himself will match his sales. To change his sales, help him compose a new picture..

The TACTIC: You don't manage salespeople. You don’t manage salespeople; you manage individuals, and with each individual, the most you can ever manage is the individual’s behavior.