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Sales Process

The TACTIC: There's no such thing as a salesperson handling stalls and objections. There's only one person qualified to do that, and that's the prospect. Eliminating objections is less time-consuming than overcoming objections. Eliminating them gives you more selling time.

The TACTIC: Knowing when to TAKE IT AWAY.  Take it away ONLY if you are prepared to walk out the door. Once you take it away, wait for a response regardless of how long it takes.

The TACTIC: Don't spill your candy in the lobby. Every salesperson knows that “send me some literature” is a brush-off. Yet most salespeople send the literature anyway. Why? If the prospect doesn’t have the time for you, he will NOT have time for your literature.

The TACTIC: Prospects should never be rescued. Remember, prospects who buy will always rescue themselves without any help from you. Your job is to make sales. You were not hired to be a lifeguard.

The TACTIC: Never answer an unasked question. Don’t give the prospect reasons to raise objections by answering his or her unasked questions.

The TACTIC: Know who your clients are. Customers, if given the choice between buying from a stranger or buying from someone they know, will always buy from someone they know.

The TACTIC: Only give a presentation to confirm an order. People in pain want relief; don’t get in their way of getting relief.

Potential buyers of your product or service – like the rest of us – spend a lot of their time online. This gives rise to a question: What are the best ways to engage with them when a voice to voice or a face to face conversation isn’t a possibility? Here are five simple, effective steps you can follow.

The TACTIC: Does this make sense to you? To do better, you have to change how you work instead of just doing the same thing you currently do for longer periods of time.

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This is a truly amazing period of history for sales professionals. The information tools that help us to identify, connect with, and sustain ongoing relationships with buyers are more powerful than ever, and they allow us to do things few could have imagined just a few years ago. But there's a challenge we all face: We mustn't let the extraordinary technology we now have blind us to the importance of having a clear sales process.