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People ask me from time to time, “Ron, is there a better time of the year to buy a Sandler franchise? Does it matter what the economy looks like? When is a good time to purchase a Sandler Franchise?”

Well, of course, my answer is, every day is a good day to buy a Sandler franchise. No one time is better than the other.

In the following interview, Michael Castiglione explains why he decided to buy a Sandler Franchise.

Ron Taylor: I’m here with Mike Castiglione. Mike is one of our newest franchisees of Sandler. 

Mike, first of all, great to have you with us. I thought maybe you might share with the audience today. I know you came to me through a franchise consultant. They always show you a lot of great businesses, a lot of great franchises, but of everything that they showed you, why did you decide on the Sandler franchise opportunity?

Michael Castiglione: Well Ron, first of all, it’s an honor to be here. I’m happy to be home.

You know I looked at several other franchises and their coaching models just didn’t resonate with me. At first, it seemed a little bit too pushy, but with Sandler, in the beginning, it was a true trying to identify are we the right fit. I liked that process. I didn’t feel pushed, I didn’t feel rushed, I felt educated, and I felt that I made the right decision.

I was at a crossroad of my life and I knew that I wanted to take on my own company. I had that entrepreneurial bug. I looked to a franchise to get support so that I wasn’t alone fish out there. Sandler, it just was heads and shoulders above the rest, where the culture amongst the different franchise owners was amazing. The collaboration where people were eager to pick up the phone and talk to me. They talked to me about their pains as they started out the process and gave me advice.

The next piece was the systematic approach that Sandler takes. In my previous life in coaching and development, I believed in a systematic approach that the one and done philosophy doesn’t work. Too many people want a quick fix. Sandler truly believes in the continual engagement in the ongoing professional development and most importantly the coaching and mentorship. That’s why I went with Sandler.

Ron: Very good. Thanks, Mike. I know you’re going to do great with us. Looking forward to it. So, if you’re like Mike, maybe you came out of coaching, you have a sales background, sales management background, you’re tired of traveling, you’re tired of babysitting employees, you want to be home at night, get your life back, give me a call at 410-559-2033. Email me at Hopefully, you’ll be like Mike and this would be your last career stop. Until then. Good selling.​

Author: Ron Taylor, V. P. of Franchise Development at Sandler Training

If you have someone in mind who might be interested in purchasing a Sandler franchise, contact Ron Taylor at (410) 559-2033 or

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Posted November 7, 2018

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