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People ask me from time to time, “Ron, is there a better time of the year to buy a Sandler franchise? Does it matter what the economy looks like? When is a good time to purchase a Sandler Franchise?”

Well, of course, my answer is, every day is a good day to buy a Sandler franchise. No one time is better than the other.

In the following interview, Suzette Patterson explains why she decided to buy a Sandler Franchise.

Ron Taylor: I’m here with our newest franchisee of Sandler. Her name is Suzette Patterson from Frisco, Texas.

Suzette, I thought maybe you would share with the audience, you’ve got tons of talent, your background is awesome. Why did you decide to join Sandler? You’ve got a great story.

Suzette Patterson: Thanks, Ron. Last September, I was in the corporate world. I was selling managed IT services for a company in Dallas, Texas. The day I was hired my CEO said, ‘Hey join the team here with us, you’re going to come to work with us in a sales position, but we need you to go to something called Sandler Training.’ And I said what is Sandler Training? And he said, ‘Well just call my friend.’ He gave me the trainers name. ‘Start going to his classes next week and then he can tell you all about it.’

So, that’s where my Sandler journey began. I started training the following week with a Sandler trainer in the area. Really from the very beginning, what I took away from the classes was something that I could go back out into my job and apply immediately. I started drinking the Sandler Kool-Aid pretty early on.

Going home talking to my husband about it. He’s been in sales his whole career. He said that totally makes sense why doesn’t everybody sell like that? I said I couldn’t agree more. Over the course of a few months, he and I were talking about the business and then I went to the March 2018 Summit in Florida as a client. I began to see just, even more, the power of the Sandler network, the Sandler techniques, the energy that all those people brought to that conference.

So, it was shortly after that that we came to Discovery Day. Again, we’re just really impacted by all the Sandler franchisees and the network people and their honesty and transparency and their energy. It was after that time that my husband and I decided to buy the franchise.

Ron: Suzette, you’re like one of those commercials we see on tv. “I’m not only the owner, but I was also a client.” So, if you’d like to be another Suzette Patterson, maybe you’re coming out of the corporate world, you’re tired of the corporate rat race, you’re tired of traveling, you’re tired of babysitting employees, you want to be home at night, home on the weekends, and get your life back.

-Until then this is Ron Taylor. Good Selling.

Author: Ron Taylor, V. P. of Franchise Development at Sandler Training

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Posted November 7, 2018

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