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The TACTIC: Wave the magic wand.  A magic wand gives the prospect a safe way of telling you what you need to do to make the sale. 

The TACTIC: Permit the prospects to sell themselves.  The prospect sells herself and you are there to make it happen.

The TACTIC: Where's the finish line?  If you don’t know what the goal is, then anything you do is as good as anything else, regardless of how aimless and useless it might be. For how else to judge your actions?

The TACTIC: Don't poke the corpse.  The sooner you recognize the sale is not going to happen, the sooner you can move on to one that will.

The TACTIC: Don't paint seagulls in your prospect's picture.  The prospect is the one who will use the product, not you — do not presume you know better.

The TACTIC: Never go into a box.  Going into a box is a waste of time for both the salesperson and the prospect.

The TACTIC: No mind reading. You can’t know what a prospect means unless you ask him what he means.

The TACTIC: You don't have to like cold calls, you only have to make them.  Prospecting is a daily activity like breathing—If you don’t breathe, you die.

The TACTIC: When a prospect is negative, strip line hard!  Negative prospects have been created by salespeople who don’t know how to handle prospect pain.