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Business Model

Develop a dependable revenue stream from our range of services.

Our broad product range offers a unique business model that, based on reinforcement, gives our Franchise Owners the opportunity to make recurring income. Sales Mastery is the backbone of the Sandler business model, allowing Franchise Owners to start their business by offering public training to frontline salespeople, business owners and managers in a public forum. Sales Mastery can jumpstart and then sustain your business by providing loyal clients and business referrals.

From there, Franchise Owners can build their businesses, offering private sales and management training at the client’s location. As our Franchise Owners work with businesses over time, they can expand their training services throughout the organization and may take on a business- consulting role.

Sandler has international reach, but with a local touch. Our Global Accounts Division can help Franchise Owners service and support profitable multinational corporations with numerous locations.

Your key revenue sources will include:

  • Sales Mastery, the “growth engine” for your business, provides sales professionals in small- to mid-size sales organizations with training that lasts between 12 and 24 months
  • Private training on-site, offered on a monthly retainer basis to provide you with predictable income and make the training investment more manageable for your client
  • Leadership training, which arms emerging leaders with new ways to meet the challenges of advanced responsibilities, and build more unified and productive teams
  • Management training, which helps sales managers and general managers develop the skills they need to shape productive behavior, cooperation, collaboration and accountability
  • Customer service training, for a client’s team members who serve customer needs, deal with difficulties and solve problems as part of their jobs
  • Coaching, which helps sales representatives, sales managers and selling teams succeed by using Sandler’s highly systematic approach to winning accounts
  • Global Accounts, which provides training in servicing large, multinational corporations with multiple locations

The Opportunity - Mark McGraw

Mark McGraw

The Opportunity

Mark McGraw talks about building long-term client relationships that result in a recurring revenue stream and consistent cash flow through the years.

Ideal Candidate

If you’re an ideal candidate for Sandler, you can make a difference in people’s lives, including your own. Look at our checklist of qualifications.

A Growing Market

Franchising is a rapidly growing business market. As someone considering a Sandler franchise, you’re ready to capitalize on this opportunity.

Company History

Sandler has been a leader in the training industry for nearly 50 years since David Sandler developed the industry-defining Sandler Selling System.


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