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Shape Your Destiny

Leadership is what we teach. And what you can achieve. 

At Sandler, we work with people every day who have decided to take control of their destinies. They’re excited about creating a new kind of career on their own terms and looking for the right partner to help make that happen.

When you become a Sandler Franchise Owner, you’ll enter a rapidly growing market with tremendous potential for success. In fact, business coaching was listed as one of the hottest trends in franchising by Entrepreneur Magazine.

You’ll also be aligning yourself with a dominating force in the sales and management training industry, one that’s been named by Entrepreneur magazine the #1 training franchise in the United States thirteen times. You’ll also have the full support of our global network of sales and management trainers with hundreds of training centers throughout the world. With all of that at your disposal, it’s no wonder that Sandler was ranked the #1 Business Services Franchise by Franchise Review in 2019. 

Master Franchisee List

Sandler Franchising Testimonial: Shaun Thomson

Shaun Thomson

Sandler Works Anywhere in the World

Wherever you live and work - the US, UK or beyond- Shaun Thomson wants you to know that he's proof that the Sandler system works globally and gives Franchise Owners worldwide a lucrative and fulfilling opportunity.

Ideal Candidate

If you’re an ideal candidate for Sandler, you can make a difference in people’s lives, including your own. Look at our checklist of qualifications.

A Growing Market

Franchising is a rapidly growing business market. As someone considering a Sandler franchise, you’re ready to capitalize on this opportunity.

Business Model

Our broad product range offers a unique business model that allows you to earn recurring income from services including Sales Mastery, your “growth engine.”


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