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Support Resources

A powerful support system to reinforce your efforts.

It’s not surprising that a franchise system built on reinforcement would provide a support system equally as powerful. What may surprise you, though, is the depth and quality of the support that only Sandler provides:

  • Intensive 8-day Initial Training at Sandler Corporate Headquarters in Owings Mills, Maryland
  • Dedicated Personal Business Coach who is available to provide continuous support as you start and grow your business
  • Opportunity to attend three Sandler conferences a year, attended by hundreds of our Franchise Owners, their associates and business clients. Our conferences are your chance to learn from experienced Franchise Owners and network with them.
  • Customizable website templates that link off our corporate site to help drive business to your location.
  • Marketing support to help you generate leads, build your business and retain your client base. We offer sales and marketing support, including:
    • Templated website with dedicated website support staff
    • Marketing templated collateral materials
    • Monthly newsletters
    • Marketing webinars
    • Marketing boot camps

Matt Neuberger, Sandler Trainer

Why Become a Sandler Franchisee?

Matt Neuberger talks about how Sandler experience and support allow him to compete with other sales training organizations and walk away with the win. 

Make a Difference - Matt Neuberger

Business Model

Our broad product range offers a unique business model that allows you to earn recurring income from services including Sales Mastery, your “growth engine.”

About Sandler

Sandler, the largest sales training company in the world, offers a systematic approach to winning and growing business.


Hear from our franchise owners in their own words talking about financial security, work/life balance and the freedom to chart their own course.


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