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Professional Development

The TACTIC: Succeeding today isn't enough. If you don’t know where you want to be, then you don’t care where you are headed.

Five Ways to Invest in Employee Development Image

Most of us who lead teams and organizations readily acknowledge that we should be doing more to invest in the personal and professional development of the people who report to us. We have a lot of responsibilities, we get busy, and, all too often, we don’t take action on this essential priority.

The TACTIC: Be on goal time, not clock time.  Either way you are going to spend the time. The only question is how. Which one makes you money?

"Is there a better time of the year to buy a Sandler franchise? Does it matter what the economy looks like? When is a good time to purchase a Sandler Franchise?”

The TACTIC: Everyone in the same boatYou can’t reach goals if everyone is allowed to decide for himself how to reach them. The only result of such a management practice is chaos.

Here are four ways salespeople can improve upon their interpersonal skills and become more confident when dealing with prospects.

Regardless of the economic conditions, what’s going on in wall street, the weather, what time of the year it is, there always going to be companies and individuals that are looking for help in sales training and sales management training and customer service. 

The TACTIC: Learn what unproductive behavior is. If you don’t know what the specific and measurable goal of the behavior is, then the behavior is unproductive and nothing more than a time filler.

The Top 3 Things to Discover BEFORE Investing in a Franchise.