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Prospecting & Qualifying

The TACTIC: Never manage your numbers, manage your behavior. Since your sales volume is based on how you behave, manage your behavior instead of wasting time trying to manage anyone else’s behavior.

The TACTIC: Don't commiserate. You are there to manage your own behavior and help your salespeople manage their behavior. Commiseration only leads to misery.

The TACTIC: Pop into their future. By being in the prospect’s future, you have a prospect who is now looking for reasons to purchase from you.

The TACTIC: Understand the process of failure and let it work.  If you have failed, and then learned why you failed, you are 99% closer to increased success.

The TACTIC: Don't rescue themSalespeople who are floundering don’t need to be rescued. They need to recognize when they are floundering and know it’s time to learn new behavior.

The TACTIC: Define prospecting – then do it!  Everyone knows exactly what prospecting means, right? Everyone will have the same answer, right?

The TACTIC: Help me out, I'm lost. If you sound OK, and need help, almost everyone will help you.

The TACTIC: Managers don’t make sales! Never make sales to make even more.

The TACTIC: Know what you changed.  If the change you made doesn’t work out, sit down and make sure that you really changed what you thought you did. Almost always you will find that what was changed isn’t what you intended.

The TACTIC: Help me out, I'm lost.  If you sound OK, and need help, almost everyone will help you.