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Prospecting & Qualifying

The TACTIC: When setting appointments, always get invited in. NO BEGGING!  Beggars do make some money. Non-beggars make more money. Which would you rather be?

The TACTIC: It's not the good old days anymore. How you prospect depends on your customer’s “time to buy again” cycle. Know it. Work with it. Be successful. Ignore it, fail.

The TACTIC: Are you saying...?  To really understand what someone means, not what you hope he means, ask for clarification.

The TACTIC: There are no bad prospects—only bad salespeople. How you view your prospects determines precisely how much money you will make.

The TACTIC:  Work the referral factory.  Telling someone “thank you” is not only civilized, it just might make you some more money.

The TACTIC:  New contact? It's a new prospect.  A new prospect/contact may buy more than the previous contact. Find the new pain.

The TACTIC: Adapt or go out of business.  Customers are yours for your lifetime if you can adapt to taking the long view.

The TACTIC: Never manage your numbers, manage your behavior. Since your sales volume is based on how you behave, manage your behavior instead of wasting time trying to manage anyone else’s behavior.

The TACTIC: Don't commiserate. You are there to manage your own behavior and help your salespeople manage their behavior. Commiseration only leads to misery.

The TACTIC: Pop into their future. By being in the prospect’s future, you have a prospect who is now looking for reasons to purchase from you.