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closing the deal

The TACTIC: Traffic cops keep it moving - you should, too. If you are not focused on keeping the customers you have and gaining more, then you will never succeed in sales to the level you thought possible.

The TACTIC: The bottom line of professional selling is going to the bank.  There is nothing wrong with putting bigger and bigger commission checks in your bank account unless you’ve decided that your job is to meet quota.

The TACTIC: Prospects who talk buy.

The TACTIC: Never ask for a sale - make the prospect give it up.  Prospects have been making salespeople give up increased commissions and sales for years... are you going to continue to help them?

The TACTIC: Now that it's over...   Most people really want what they have been told they can’t have — especially qualified prospects.

The TACTIC: Off the record. Giving the prospect a way to see the future often helps the prospect buy today.

The TACTIC: Wave the magic wand.  A magic wand gives the prospect a safe way of telling you what you need to do to make the sale. 

The TACTIC: Permit the prospects to sell themselves.  The prospect sells herself and you are there to make it happen.

The TACTIC: Don't paint seagulls in your prospect's picture.  The prospect is the one who will use the product, not you — do not presume you know better.

The TACTIC: Get up to leave, then make the sale.  “Leaving” the prospect makes the prospect want to come to a decision.