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Testimonials / FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Sandler Franchise Owners

Andres Pupkin, Chile

We started the Sandler franchise in Chile more than five years ago. The key reason I joined Sandler is its philosophy.  Success is a key factor in our lives; attitude, behavior and techniques are part of our goals. At Sandler we develop successful people.

Alberto Lopez, Mexico

Sandler Training has also provided me great satisfaction at personal, professional and economic levels. If I returned 10 years from now, again I would prefer Sandler Training to any other franchisee options available on the market. 

Jorge Saunders, Colombia

My business investment in a Sandler® franchise turned out to be a rewarding life experience.

Vesa Pelkonen, Finland

When I bought the Sandler Franchise, I thought I bought the way to help companies to be more successful. Now I have found out that I bought a life-changing business which makes business more successful and the people in the company more successful in their lives. 

Joel Lin, Singapore and Hong Kong

The Sandler Training franchise has been a great investment that’s allowed us to build a profitable business by delivering world-class training solutions to satisfied clients.


Sandler Clients

Thom Dammrich

President, National Marine Manufacturers' Association

Sandler’s transforming us from an order-taking, operational kind of focus to the sales culture that we need in our organization in order to be successful. We could not have achieved those results without the tools that Sandler has provided.

Brian Frank

Vice President, Global Sales Operations, LinkedIn

We never had a formalized sales training program or methodology at LinkedIn until we started working with Sandler. The short-term impact of Sandler was to uplift the sales team. With Sandler, it's primarily about the people and the amazing things they can really do to help you.

Greg Mack

UPS Business Unit Manager, Toshiba

Before Sandler, our sales approach was pretty much haphazard. We had no real structure or process. Sandler helped us put processes in place and gave us a more structured approach to selling. Now it’s in my DNA. Once you embrace the philosophy of Sandler, you can’t turn it off when you go home.

Sandler Franchising, Brad Freyer

Brad Freyer, Sandler Franchise Owner in Houston TX

Reaching for Greater Things

Brad Freyer talks about how helping his clients succeed is what energizes him as a Sandler Franchise Owner and how often they tell him that he made a difference.


Get answers to our 10 most frequently asked questions.

Do I need to have experience in training or coaching to open a Sandler franchise?

No, you don’t need training experience. Sales experience and middle/upper management skills are ideal, though.

How much does it cost to buy a Sandler franchise?

The franchise fee is dependent on many economic and geographical factors for the region or country in which you live.  International franchises typically start at $79,000 (USD). Franchise owners should have a net worth of at least $300,000 (USD).

How much money can I make as a franchisee?

This is always the tough question to answer.  Prior to signing any contracts, we have a thorough vetting process which includes evaluating potential earnings based on financial metrics mentioned above.  The bottom line… how hard are you willing to work to achieve your goals?

Are there financing options available?

Sandler does not offer financing over the long term.

What are your royalties?

Royalties are discussed during the vetting process after a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed.

Do I need to find my own office space?

Initially, Area Developers do not need their own office space. Master Franchisees are expected to have dedicated Sandler office space within the first 3 months of signing the Franchise Agreement. 

How long does it take to open a Sandler franchise?

Franchise owners typically begin their businesses within one to three months after they sign the Franchise Agreement.

What kind of training will I receive before I open a Sandler franchise?

You will receive eight days of intensive Initial Training at our corporate headquarters in Owings Mills, Maryland. You will also have a coach available to help you as long as you are in business.

Do I need to hire staff right away?

Generally no, unless you are a Master Franchisee.  As your business grows, though, you may want to add an administrative assistant. Then, as your workload increases, you may want to add sales associates as needed.

Can I sell my Sandler franchise?

Yes, you can sell your business at any time, subject to the approval of the Sandler Home Office and your compliance with the applicable transfer provisions in your Franchise Agreement.

Shape Your Destiny

At Sandler, we work with people every day who have decided to take control of their destinies. Now’s the right time, and we’re the right partner.

Company History

Sandler has been a leader in the training industry for nearly 50 years since David Sandler developed the industry-defining Sandler Selling System.

The Sandler Process

Support Resources

As a Sandler Franchise Owner, you’ll have the full support of the largest sales and sales management training company in the world.


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